PayPal Fee Calculator

Confused about PayPal's fee schedule? The forms below make it easy. If you already have a set price for your product, you can use the Net Payment calculator to see how much you will collect on each item after the PayPal fees. It will also tell you the actual percentage of the fee. If you want to collect a certain amount after the fees, use the Target Price calculator. This will tell you what you need to charge to collect your targeted amount.

First select what you believe your monthly sales wll be. Then enter either the gross price and press 'Calculate net' or your target price and press 'Calculate price'. The results will appear in the boxes below each field.

Estimated Monthly Sales
$0.00 - $3000.00
$3000.01 - $10,000.00
$10,000.01 - $100,000.00
Over $100,000.00

PayPal Net Payment Calculator

PayPal Target Price Calculator

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