The Market Ideas newsletter

Market Ideas is a monthly email newsletter with tips on how Safford small businesses can more effectively use the web to communicate with customers & potential customers. These aren't just tricks on how to get high rankings on the search engines, but strategies to attract and keep customers in a small town market. Most aim at a do-it-yourself approach to improving your website's customer appeal and exposure.

Each newsletter is divided into three sections: The Tip, The Goal and a Case Study. The tip explains what to do. The goal tells you why you're doing it and the case study shows how it can be applied in the real world.

Click on the links below to view a few back issues, then use your email address to sign-up at the top of any page. You'll receive your first issue immediately and a new tip will follow the first of each month.

Your email address will never be traded or sold and will only be used to receive the Safford small business marketing ideas newsletter.

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